Who pays for all the wedding related expenses?

Traditionally, the parents of the bride paid for the wedding & the reception. This does not include the attire of the attendants, groomsmen or bridesmaids. However, since the average cost of hosting a wedding reception has skyrocketed, couples and their parents may choose to divide the costs among themselves.

Here is a sample breakdown of wedding costs and who pays for that:

  • The Bride
    1. Groom's wedding ring
    2. Bridesmaid's presents
    3. Groom's wedding gift


  • The Groom
    1. Bride's engagement & wedding ring
    2. Marriage license & blood tests (recommended)
    3. Honeymoon plans & costs (hotel rooms, tickets, etc)
    4. The Officiants fees
    5. Tuxedo & other formal wear
    6. The Bouquet
    7. Gifts for the groomsmen


  • The Bridal Party (Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Best man, Maidof honor etc)
    1. Formal wear for the wedding
    2. Bachelor/Bachelorette party
    3. Gifts for the bride & groom
    4. Travel expenses
    5. Bridal shower (bridesmaids only)


  • The Groom's Parents
    1. The Rehearsal Dinner
    2. Hotel rooms for the bridal party & guests attending the rehearsal dinner
    3. Beverages at the reception
    4. The Limousine or suitable transportation for the wedding party for the rehearsal


  • The Bride's Parents
    1. Invitations, and announcements
    2. The Wedding Dress of the bride
    3. All costs of music (ceremony, DJ/Band, string quartet, etc)
    4. Transportation for the bridal party(Limousine, Trolley, etc)
    5. Flowers, Floral Accessories, Ice Sculptures, & other decorations
    6. Photographer, Videographer, & all other audio/video costs
    7. Reception hall, & food costs
    8. Tips for all the event professionals
    9. All other reception costs.


Remember, money can cause fights, arguments, and disagreements in relationships. It is better to accept that you got the short end of the stick rather than causing a major disagreement or a fight. Afterall, you are dealing with future inlaws and you should make every effort to get along with your future relatives. If you think you lack diplomacy and tact, ask your friends about the best course to resolve a potential problem.


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