1. Why is the company now known as Infinity-Lighthouse ?

Answer: Infinity Entertainment and Lighthouse Productions have merged and thus, we are now Infinity - Lighthouse.

2. Do you have a contract ?

Answer: Yes, absolutely ! We have a legally binding contract to secure your event with us.

3. Can we get our requests accomodated into your show ?

Answer: Absolutely, We incorporate your requests into our show. With our collection of over 5000 compact discs, a large MP3 collection, and music available from professional subscription services, we can get most requested music with ease!

4. Is Infinity-Lighthouse a part time organisation ?

Answer: No, rather we are a full time organization always looking to improve our show and our image. This is our full time job ! We are full time Disc Jockeys & Entertainers.

5. Do you use home stereo equipment for your show ?

Answer: Absolutely NOT ! We ONLY use professional public address systems for all of your events. We do not believe in cutting corners when it comes to our equipment.

6. How would you go about taking care of a customer if you miss their event ?

Answer: As with any company, we rely on good health, weather, and the ability of our employees to take care of our contracted events. We have not missed any events (thanks be to God) so far, and hope to have a great record for years to come. However if, due to an act of God, sickness, mechanical, electrical, or electronic failure, we miss an event, we will refund your deposit and any payments made to us by you, the employer. We will also try to work with you to schedule the event for a later date (if possible) at no additional charge.

7. Can we make an appointment with you to get to know your company a little better before we hire you?

Answer: Absolutely. We would love to meet with you and help you plan your reception. We will explain the different choices you may have in doing anything from the first dance to the last dance and everything in between.

8. Do you send Disc Jockeys who are less than eighteen years of age to important events ?

Answer: Our average Disc Jockey is Twenty five years old. We require all our employees to be atleast eighteen years of age. We require all our Disc Jockeys to go through atleast six months (One Year training for wedding receptions) of training before they perform at any event.

9. How many events have you guys done ?

Answer: We have over three thousand events in ten years under our belt. We have the experience to take care of your event, be it your wedding reception, your anniversary, a birthday party, graduation, or just about any occasion to host a great party.

10. What sets you above the other Mobile Disc Jockeys ?

Answer: We are not conceited nor do we put ourselves above other entertainers. Yet, this is a question most couples address before hiring any vendor. Our answer:. Your Event - Your Way! We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers. We realize that our customers make us successfull. Our show is not only about music. We incorporate props, interactive games, and new ideas in our show. We try to live up to our name "Infinity Entertainment" with the emphasis on Entertainment.

11. Would you be willing to do a show if we (the bride & groom) decide that we do not want the lights and props and interaction?

Answer: Yes! We will customize your show any way you would like it. You can decide on what you would like, and how much you would like your entertainer to interact with your guests. We can be as much in the background as you would wish or be extremely interactive at your event.

12. Will you guys "Price Match" with competing DJs?

Answer: We live by the rule "You get what you pay for!" Price matching is for DJs who are either new in the business or do not believe in what they are worth as a service! I do not see Photographers, Videographers, Caterers, Florists, and other wedding professionals engaging in price matching or bidding wars!. The reason: they believe in their product, and are willing to stand by the service they offer!

We have been in business over 15 years, have done over 2000 weddings and formal events, and we do not like playing price games. As a customer, I want you to realize that the price I quote you is going to be the same I quoted the person after you! No gimmicks, no unfair pricing, and no hidden charges.

13. Do you guys have backup equipment available? Do you charge for setup & tear down?

Answer: Yes, we have backup equipment that we carry with us to every event. In the case of equipment malfunction or breakdown, we will replace the item and go on with the event as scheduled. Setup & tear down of equipment is included in our pricing plans. We do not have or believe in any hidden charges.

14. Have you had a really bad wedding ?

Answer: Yes, and every entertainer or Disc Jockey has had a bad Wedding or two,or more ! When we see that a reception is not going as planned, we try to innovate our show. That is a learning experience for us, and we put into use our experience and make your event happen. We are Entertainers, not just Disc Jockeys.

15. Are your Disc Jockeys allowed to drink on the job ?

Answer: If you request that we do not consume any alcoholic beverages while we entertain, we will honor your wish. We do not condone, encourage or tolerate excessive consumption of alcohol.

16. Do we have to provide meals for the DJ's?

Answer: Providing meals is not necessary. If you choose not to provide meals for the DJs, we can take care of our meals before your reception.


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