Michelle & William Meister Reception

Please be patient while the pictures load.

The Cake

Oh, No, not on the face!

The First Dance

Di, What are you doing?

The Bouquet......

The First in a series..!

But Ossifer....

What tribe is he from?

Isn't she glowing? Mary Got Engaged!

You put your right foot in....and so on and so forth..!

What was this one?

Runnin around like a chicken!

Blocked shot of the guitar!

Oh Yeah! The AC-DC Song.

Oh boy.

Justin & a stray.

Another Stray with an alien.

Give it to me baby..Uh huh, Uh huh.

But Dad, I am having fun.

It's the harpo hairdo.

Was that genuine or not?!

No Comment!

She was afraid that we would recognize her from the U S P S!

Cheers Baby!

Oh no, not again.

The Cha Cha slide on the bar.

Get a room guys.


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